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= Officially released on audio disc

There are no concerts registered for 1994.


An evening with Paul McCartney and friends

At a fundraising reception Paul premiers a new eight-minute, classical styled, piece of solo music for piano. The item, entitled "A Leaf", is performed by the 22-year-old award-winning Russian pianist Anya Alexeyev in the presence of The Royal College's patron. Prince Charles. Following the performance by Anya, Paul takes to the stage with Elvis Costello to perform their composition "Mistress And Maid". Then, after a solo set from Costello, Paul sings "For No One" and "Yesterday" to the accompaniment of the string ensemble The Brodsky Quartet. Paul concludes the performance with a rousing uptempo version on the piano of "Lady Madonna". Admission is free of charge and by invitation only, although guests are expected to make their own donation, in the region of 250.

Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band

Musicians: John Entwistle, Billy Preston, Mark Farner, Randy Bachman, Felix Cavaliere, Zak Starkey, Mark Rivera and Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band "Japan Tour"

Musicians: John Entwistle, Billy Preston, Mark Farner, Randy Bachman, Felix Cavaliere, Zak Starkey, Mark Rivera and Ringo Starr

Their repertoire for the shows largely consists of the following: "Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "It Don't Come Easy" (all performed by Ringo), "The Locomotion" (performed by Mark Farner), "Nothing For Nothing" (Billy Preston), "Taking Care Of Business" (Randy Bachman), "People Get Ready" (Felix Cavaliere), "Boris The Spider" (John Entwistle), "Boys" (Ringo), "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" (Randy Bachman), "You're Sixteen", "Yellow Submarine" (both by Ringo), "My Wife" (John Entwistle), "Honey Don't", "Act Naturally" (both by Ringo), "Groovin' ", "La Bamba" (both by Felix Cavaliere), "Photograph" (and for the encore) "No No Song" and "With A Little Help From My Friends" (all by Ringo). Four songs from Japan are released on DVD as part of the All Starr compilation "The Best of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band So Far...": "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Groovin'," "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and "Boys".

A 12-track CD recorded in Tokyo's Nippon Budokan Hall was available only in Blockbuster Music stores in USA for a brief time.

Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band

Musicians: John Entwistle, Billy Preston, Mark Farner, Randy Bachman, Felix Cavaliere, Zak Starkey, Mark Rivera and Ringo Starr

There are no concerts registered for 1996.


George Harrison: Piano Concert

While in Melbourne, Australia to see Formula One racing, George plays the piano and sings for two hours at the Melbourne Crown Casino, while his son Dhani sits by and listens. Meanwhile, back in Buckingham Palace, Paul McCartney is knighted.

Ringo Starr & his All-Starr Band

Musicians: Jack Bruce, Peter Frampton, Gary Brooker, Simon Kirke, Mark Rivera and Ringo Starr

In America, a 135-minute PMI home video Ringo & His 4th All-Starr Band from Pine Knob Michigan, recorded at the venue on May 30, is released on home video. Set list/tracks: "It Don't Come Easy," "Act Naturally," "The Devil Came From Kansas," "Show Me The Way," "Sunshine Of Your Love," "Shooting Star," "Boys," "Baby I Love Your Way," "You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful And You're Mine)," "Yellow Submarine," "A Salty Dog," "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)," "Imaginary Western," "Conquistador," "I'm The Greatest," "The No No Song," "I Feel Free," "All Right Now," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Do You Feel Like We Do," "White Room," "A Whiter Shade Of Pale," "Photograph," "With A Little Help From My Friends". Seven of the songs are released on DVD as part of the All Starr compilation "The Best of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band So Far..."

Only on VHS...

Paul McCartney "Music for Monserrat"

Performers: Elton John, Sting, Carl Perkins, Phil Palmer, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Jools Holland, Arrow, Mark Knopfler, George Martin, Jimmy Buffett, Phil Collins, Julia Knowles

Paul stars alongside other stars in a charity event at the Royal Albert Hall in London, organised by George Martin to raise funds for the British Dependency of Montserrat, stricken by the recent volcanic eruptions. All the stars of the concert have, at one time or another, used George Martin's AIR Montserrat Studios on the island. For the concert Paul performs a solo acoustic version of "Yesterday", followed by "Golden Slumbers", "Carry That Weight" and "The End" with an all-star line-up of Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins on drums. For encores he sings "Hey Jude", duetting on piano with Elton John, and they are joined on stage by Sting, Midge Ure, Carl Perkins and others. The show closes with an all-star jam on "Kansas City"/"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey". The concert is transmitted live on the radio station Heart FM, and is later released as a home video, and ultimately on DVD.


Carl Perkins' Funeral Service (with George)

George attends Carl Perkins' funeral and is called to the stage, where he performs Perkins' "Your True Love" on acoustic guitar.

Ringo Starr and the Roundheads: VH 1 Storytellers

Musicians: Joe Walsh, Mark Hudson, Gary Burr, Steve Dudas, Jim Cox, Greg Bisonnette, Matt Bisonette and Ringo Starr

Ringo and his studio band The Roundheads, perform a VH-1 Storytellers warm-up show on the 12th at the Bottom Line Club in New York City. The show marks the first time that Ringo had performed "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus's Garden" in public. On the 13th, Ringo and his band record their edition of the VH-1 Storytellers show at the Bottom Line Club in New York, before a specially invited audience which includes the teen group Hanson. For the 45-minute programme (first transmitted in America on June 28 and in Europe on November 8), the group performs: "With a little help from my friends," "Back off boogaloo," "Don't pass me by," "It don't come easy," "Octopus's garden," "Photograph," (cut from the broadcast) "La de da," "King of broken hearts," "Love me do," "With a little help from my friends (reprise)". The concert is released as a home video cassette in the USA only (including "Photograph"), and on CD worldwide.

Cannes Film Festival - AIDS Charity auction (with Ringo)

Ringo and Barbara are seen at the annual Cannes Film Festival in the South of France. They had actually flown into France the previous evening, and had spent the evening at Elton John's hotel. Today Ringo attends the auction in aid of Elizabeth Taylor's AIDS charity, held in the Moulin De Mougins restaurant, where, during the afternoon, he jumps on stage to join Elton John and actress Sharon Stone, when a millionaire in the audience pledges 60,000 if the trio will perform the song "Great Balls Of Fire". With excitement at fever pitch, and with Ringo still perched behind his drums, another well-off member of the gathering offers 90,000 if the trio will perform "Twist And Shout", which they duly oblige. Thankfully television cameras, including Sky News, are there to capture this historic one-off performance and broadcast brief highlights as part of their daily Cannes Film Festival roundup of events.

Ringo Starr & his All-Starr Band "Vertical Tour"

Musicians: Jack Bruce, Peter Frampton, Gary Brooker, Simon Kirke, Mark Rivera and Ringo Starr

Contrary to what many people believe, Ringo was the first Beatle to play in Russia.


Ringo Starr & his All-Starr Band "US Tour"

Musicians: Jack Bruce, Todd Rundgren, Gary Brooker, Simon Kirke, Timmy Capello and Ringo Starr

Set list: "It Don't Come Easy", "Act Naturally", "Whiskey Train" (performed by Gary Brooker), "I Saw The Light" (by Todd Rundgren), "Sunshine Of Your Love" (Jack Bruce), "Shooting Star" (Simon Kirke), "Boys", "Love Me Do", "Yellow Submarine", "A Salty Dog" (Gary Brooker), "Hammer In My Heart" (Todd Rundgren), "I'm The Greatest", "The No No Song", "Back Off Boogaloo", "I Feel Free" (Jack Bruce), "All Right Now" (Simon Kirke), "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Bang On The Drum" (Todd Rundgren), "White Room" (Jack Bruce), "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" (Gary Brooker) and "Photograph". For the encore, Ringo usually performs "You're Sixteen" and/or "With A Little Help From My Friends". Gary Brooker will sometimes replace "A Salty Dog" with another Procol Harum track, "Conquistador", and Jack Bruce will sometimes play "Theme From An Imaginary Western".

Paul McCartney: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

At the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, Paul is inducted at the 14th annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. Among those in the star-studded gathering this evening are Elton John, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, Lou Reed, Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, U2 singer Bono, and Julian Lennon. Accepting the award, following an induction speech by Neil Young, Paul remarks: "This is a brilliant night for me but it's sad too. I would have liked my baby to be with me. She wanted this." During his investiture, where he is recognised for his work with The Beatles and as a solo artist, Paul is joined on stage by his daughter Stella, who is wearing a vest adorned by the slogan: "About fucking time!" Paul also remarks: "By the way, while we're here, you've got me, you've got John in this, what about George and Ringo?"
Later, and to the delight of 1,500 guests who had paid $2,000 a head, Paul takes to the stage where, along with the evening's all-star line-up, he performs "Blue Suede Shoes", "What'd I Say" and, as the finale, "Let It Be". Paul had left the stage while Springsteen, Wilson Pickett, The Staple Singers, Mellissa Etheridge, Lauryn Hill and others performed Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready". He reappears on stage when he hears the opening chords of "Let It Be", played by Billy Joel, and sings "Let It Be" standing at the microphone backed by a showcase of talent including Bono, Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson and Joel on piano. (Paul did not bring a guitar with him and, apparently, a member of the Hall Of Fame staff admitted that they "could not find him one!") At the conclusion of "Let It Be", by which time it is now 12:45am, Paul shouts to the audience: "Thank you, it's time to go home. This is a great night, yeah?"
Also inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this evening is the late Dusty Springfield, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Curtis Mayfield and The Beatles' producer George Martin, who remarks: "I am very honoured to be placed in a galaxy alongside many of my own heroes." The three-hour television transmission of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame event begins screenings on VH-1 in America on Wednesday March 17 and is repeated several times. Paul is seen leaving the Waldorf Astoria hotel at approximately 2:30am after attending a private party given by Bruce Springsteen.

Paul McCartney "Here, There and Everywhere: A Concert for Linda"

Performers: The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Tom Jones, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Sinead O'Connor, Des'ree, Heather Small, Johnny Marr, Neil Finn, Marianne Faithfull and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

In a show hosted by the comic Eddie Izzard and organised by Chrissie Hynde, Paul, along with an all-star cast take part in a special tribute concert for Paul's late wife Linda. The performers include The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Sinead O'Connor, Tom Jones, George Michael, Marianne Faithfull, Lynden David Hall, Des'ree, Johnny Marr, Neil Finn and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. At the conclusion of the show, entitled Here, There And Everywhere - A Concert For Linda, Paul appears on stage to perform the Ricky Nelson song "Lonesome Town", a track that he and Linda used to listen to separately back in the Fifties, "All My Loving" and, as part of an all-star finale, "Let It Be". The first highlights broadcast of the show takes place one week later on BBC Radio Two on Saturday April 17, between 7:30 and 9:00pm. The TV premiere of the show will not take place until the following day, Sunday April 18, broadcast on BBC1 between 22:35pm and 12:05am as a 90-minute show, also entitled Here, There And Everywhere - A Concert For Linda. (Neither programme features the finale version of 'Let It Be'.)

Ringo Starr & The Alan Parsons Project "What More Can I Give"

Musicians: Ringo was backed by the Alan Parsons Project with Jack Bruce on this occasion.

Paul McCartney

At the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, Paul holds an invitation only Buddy Holly 'Rock'N'Roller' dance party. Accompanied by his daughter Stella, he arrives at 8:45pm, fifteen minutes later than scheduled, and makes a mad dash out of his limousine and past all the cameras and members of the press. With not one possibility of a picture, the journalists present are naturally angry. Celebrities present include the singers Chubby Checker, Neil Sedaka, Lou Christie and the record producer Tony Visconti and his wife, May Pang. Inside the venue, the crowd is treated to live music and rollerdance, with couples wheeled out to display their expertise on roller skates. Next, the singing star Bobby Vee comes out to delight the crowd, who, following more rollerdance antics, were then treated to a live performance from The Crickets. Paul and Stella spend most of the evening sitting in the balcony, and then, following a screening of a film on Buddy Holly, Paul appears on stage, where, completely unrehearsed, those around bring out to him his Sunburst Les Paul guitar. Paul then joins The Crickets for a version of "Rave On". But, suddenly, halfway through the number, Paul appears to change his mind about appearing and after his lacklustre performance, he promptly returns to his table in the balcony. Carl Perkins' son, Stan, and Bobby Vee, who performs with The Crickets, conclude the evening's entertainment. Also performing tonight is Nanci Griffith. The New York radio station WCBS broadcasts the party, which is attended by 2,000 people. The host for the evening is Cousin Bruce Morrow. Various US TV programmes such as Entertainment Tonight, CNN and Access Hollywood cover the event.

Paul McCartney "PETA's Millenium Concert"

Paul endorses a "Party Of The Century" gala event sponsored by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. After a video tribute to Linda, accompanied by the moving song "Angel", performed by Sarah McLachlan on piano, Paul returns to the stage in tears and unable to speak. But, he still manages to present the first Linda McCartney Memorial Award, which is dedicated to the fight for animal rights. Its first recipient is the actress Pamela Anderson Lee.
Later, at approximately 12:30am in an adjacent street, accompanied by his regular Run Devil Run band, Paul performs six tracks from the album, namely, "Honey Hush", "Brown Eyed Handsome Man", "No Other Baby", "Try Not To Cry", "Lonesome Town" and "Run Devil Run". Replacing Paul's regular accordion player Chris Hall tonight is Doug Lacy of the Los Angeles band Zydeco Party Band. Also appearing on the bill this night are The B 52's, and Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.

Paul McCartney : Later... With Jools Holland

Paul and his regular Run Devil Run band tape an appearance for the BBC2 live late-night music show Later With Jools Holland. Paul opens the programme with "Honey Hush" and goes on to play, alternating between the other acts on the show, "No Other Baby", "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" (joined by Chris Hall on accordion) and, to close the show, "Party", which features piano accompaniment from Jools Holland. An excerpt from the recent Apple promotional film for "Hey Bulldog" is also screened during Paul's interview sequence with the host.

Paul McCartney Run Devil Run Tour

In front of a crowd of just 300, Paul plays his historic concert at the new Cavern Club in Mathew Street, Liverpool. For the 45-minute evening show, which began just after 8pm, Paul's band performed the following songs: "Honey Hush", "Blue Jean Bop", "Brown Eyed Handsome Man", "Fabulous" (with a false start), "What It Is", "Lonesome Town", "Twenty Flight Rock", "No Other Baby", "Try Not To Cry", "Shake A Hand", "All Shook Up", "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Party". Paul left the tiny Cavern stage saying: "See you next time ..." VIPs in attendance include, amongst others, the Apple boss, Neil Aspinall, the old Cavern Club boss, Ray McFall, the old Cavern Club DJ, Billy Butler and Bob Wooler. Paul's immediate family is also present. A large outdoor screen in Chavasse Park, near the Albert Dock, in Liverpool, is erected so approximately 12,000 people can also watch the show live in the freezing cold. Paul had rented the park. After the concert, Paul, his band and friends, go to the nearby Sports Bar, Baron Pierre de Coubertin's, which is owned by Cavern City Tours. While there, Paul signs an authentic copy of his Hofner violin bass guitar, scribbling: "Cool Cavern! Cheers. Paul McCartney Dec 14. '99" on the scratch plate. Paul leaves the Sports Bar through a private corridor, around midnight.

Musicians: Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Mick Green, Ian Paice, Pete Wingfield, Chris Hall (III).

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